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We collected from Nanumean elders in Nanumea in 1973, 1974 and also in 1984 their remembered "family trees." We wrote out these genealogies (gafa, telega) by hand on 61cm x 91cm (24" x 36") sheets of newsprint paper. In all, we filled 32 sheets. These genealogies were as complete as we could make them at the time, based on what we could learn from elders in Nanumea.

All of our genealogy sheets can be seen using the links below. Some points to remember in using them:

  • Older generations are the main ones represented here, primarily people born before 1973.
  • In looking for families of people born after 1973, look for the names of parents or grandparents. You will probably find parts of your family on several different sheets -- be patient!
  • Some Nanumean elders remembered their ancestry in great detail, others not as well. Some of our information, therefore, comes from people outside the family. Thus, not all information here may be correct, though we double checked our sources by asking others for the same information where we could.
  • We could not take down genealogies from elders and their families who were away from Nanumea during our work. We tried, however, to learn from other elders what we could about these families, and to put as much information as possible about these "away" families into our genealogy sheets.
  • Despite these efforts, we know that these sheets are not complete, information is missing for some families. We apologize for this, and hope to remedy this in future.
  • Genealogies, especially those that help a family establish a link to Tefolaha or to the Aliki lines, are inherently political.
  • It will take patience to use these charts -- fakamolemole fakamagalo mai! We hope to produce a master index in future.

  • Please let us know if your own family's information is missing or if there are errors - we would like to correct and add to these charts. Contact Kiti mo Ane and let us know of your suggested corrections -->>
  • Fakafetai!

    See the Genealogy Sheets



    Gathering information from Taumili, Pae and Peo - November 1973

    Ane, Kiti taking notes

    See the Genealogy Sheets

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