Lagoon with canoe at sunset
A WEBSITE mo te kau NANUMEA, Salalau
A Gentle Man of Nanumea -- he fakamanatuga

Pictures of Uinto Feso

We are looking for further pictues of Uinto among our photos -- we will post them here when we can locate more. Fakafetai!

Uinto makes a Speech

Standing to make a speech in the Ahiga - 10 Oct 1973, Education Week
Petaia is behind, teasing Uinto while people laugh

Uinto gets a Haircut

Getting a haircut from village boys, 10 October 1973
Uinto is not looking happy

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Uinto watches Lafo Game

Lafo Game, Nanumea, 1974. Menigi shoots, Uinto stands watching


Uinto Dances

Uinto dances. Watchers include Ane, Salailoto, Kueni, Falua, Lontona, Sunema and others June 1973

Uinto digging - communal work

Joining in Communal Work
Nanumea Village, October 1973