Nanumea Island

Gazette -- Aug 2010

Seamen Invited to Danish Home

Honor for Kauvaka Nanumea

Nanumean seamen Peau Pou, Akulu Timi, Tali Satalaka and Soli Monise, all from the MV Venga, were invited for a visit to the home of Danish sea captain Heine Hestoy and his wife Gitte, Soli Monise in Denmarkin the city of Marstal, on Aeroe Island, Denmark, from 2-17th August, 2010. They enjoyed warm hospitality, home cooking and sightseeing.

Soli Monise (son of Monise Noa and Puleala, and originally from Lolua side, Nanumea) has lived in Denmark for many decades, and on Aeroe Island with his Danish wife, Else, since 1985.

Soli Monise, August 2010


Nanumean Sailors in Denmark

Left to right: Peau, Soli, Steffen, Martin (boy in blue), Akulu, Tali, and Simon

Many thanks, Mange Takk, to Maria Drud for supplying this information and photo.

Location of Aeroe Island, Denmark

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