Lagoon with Canoe at Sunset


These digital pictures have been scanned from our black and white 35mm negatives and color slides at 1600 or 2400 dots per inch (and a few at 3200 or 4800 dpi). These resolutions will allow you to make quality prints 20cm x 25 cm (8X10 inches) or larger in size.

To download photos: Select one of the sets on the Photos Page. This will bring up a photos page with thumbnails in a row on the left, and larger photos centered on the page. Use the thumbnails to go to a photo you wish to download. Below the centered photo, click on "download full size image". The digital image will transfer to your computer. To save it, right click with mouse and "save image as" by giving it a name and location on your computer.

Editing Photos. You may wish to improve the image before printing by editing for contrast and backlighting, and also by removing scratches and dust specks.

If so, there are many photo editing programs available. Among the better known is Photoshop Elements. It is very good for fixing blemishes in photos. For more general editing, improving color, etc, we find Xara Xtreme easy to use, fast and powerful. You can download free a month-long trial at

Elements and Xara and other photo editing programs will let you:

  • increase or decrease shadows and contrast
  • remove dust, scratches and blemishes
  • crop or cut the photo to make photos of single individuals
  • re-size the photo as you wish
  • make a collage of many photos, and much more

  • IF you don't like the result, you can start over on your untouched original photo.

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